About Us

Our Mission

We’re passionate about finding fresh ways for women to express themselves through their activewear and ultimately sharing the joy of an active lifestyle. 

We believe in the power of self-acceptance. This is why we aim to provide a variety of styles that complement every body so that we can all be empowered to simply Do You.

The Brand


adjective | in·ex·o·ra·ble | /ˌinˈeksərəb(ə)l/

: not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped : RELENTLESS, UNSTOPPABLE

The Wolf and the Moon

The Wolf symbolizes personal power. It represents all that is INEXorable in every one of us.

The moon is beautiful in all its phases. We wanted to put forth the idea that there is beauty and meaning in every part of our individual fitness journeys, not only in the end result.

The moon is also a symbol of female strength. They say that when the moon is full, women are at their highest point energetically. We're hoping that wearing INEX will allow women to bring this feeling with them!